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First Ever Spanish Program for Latter-day Saints to be Announced During BYU Education Week



Orem, UT - Daily Dose Learning Systems introduces the first-ever language program customized for Latter-day Saints to prepare for serving their Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters. Titled "DAILY DOSE SPANISH for LATTER DAY SAINTS, Prepare to Serve ™", it is a self-study program with specific language designed for situations that they will encounter with greetings, introductions, conversations, and sharing the gospel. For the creation of the program, the manual Preach My Gospel was heavily relied upon by the developers. The program provides learning materials, a DVD Learning Tutor™, downloadable mp3 files, and supplementary materials to accelerate the learning process.


"This program is a response from the numerous requests which we have received over the past several years," explains Adrian Escalante, President of Daily Dose Learning Systems. He further explains, "It is for that missionary who just received a mission call to a Spanish-speaking mission, and has a couple months to wait. He or she can get started on learning the customized phrases and vocabulary for sharing the gospel right away. Or perhaps a couple where one spouse speaks Spanish and the other wants to learn the language to prepare for serving as a senior couple, or in a Spanish Branch. We have also had requests from Latter-day Saint mothers who want their families to learn Spanish, so that their children can be better prepared for what the future holds."


Pre-orders are possible starting Monday, August 16 at with the release set for September 1, 2010. Those attending Education Week at the Brigham Young University campus the week of August 16-20 will be exposed to flyers and ads that contain a special coupon code for $10.00 off. "We will honor those coupon codes for everyone, not just Education Week attendees," clarified Escalante.


There are two levels: Level One is for "Getting to know your Neighbors" and includes topics such as Introducing Yourself, Asking for Help with Spanish, Talking about your Family, Asking for Directions, etc. Level Two is for "Sharing the Gospel" with topics like Saying a Prayer in Spanish, Talking About Family Home Evening, Inviting Someone to Church, Strengthening the Youth, etc.


At this point the Daily Dose Spanish for Latter Day Saints program is intended to be purchased as a self-study program for one learner. However, the company recognizes that learning in groups can be a lot of

fun and is setting up a community for helping people to get connected to a study group. People who are interested in either connecting as a "Facilitator" (someone who already speaks Spanish) or as a participant to learn Spanish can contact the company via email: or call the toll free number, (800) 672-8935.




About Daily Dose Learning Systems

Since 2001, Daily Dose Learning Systems has created 20+ programs for learning English and skills at the same time. Some popular topics are Construction Safety Best Practices, Workplace Safety, General Life Skills. These topics are being utilized in construction, manufacturing, adult literacy centers and numerous other arenas. Non-profit organizations have taken the Daily Dose English Program to 22 countries that the company has knowledge of, yet it is possible that it is more widely used. It is now estimated that tens of thousands of people have learned English through the Daily Dose English Programs.

In 2009, DDLS released its first learn-Spanish program, Construction Spanish for Supervisors, which is used in the construction industry. The release of Daily Dose Spanish for Latter Day Saints is the first-ever learn Spanish program for use by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There are no other programs like this in existence at this time.

*SIDE NOTE: The manual mentioned, Preach My Gospel, is a well-known manual among Latter-day Saints, produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It contains guidelines for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people who have not heard it before, so is very basic and clear cut.