August 7, 2009
12:40 p.m. MT

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Daily Dose Learning Systems Hires Mr. Dario Aguero as Operations Manager

Orem, UT - Darío Carlos Agüero is the new Operations Manager at Daily Dose Learning Systems, a provider of English and Safety training products to businesses. Mr. Agüero has an MBA from Brigham Young University with an emphasis in Operations Management and Strategy and a Bachelors Degree in International Business from Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Argentina.  He has 8 years of international experience improving processes across industries and locations including Marriott International, Xerox Corp, and LDS Distribution Services.  He is married to Leyla Dolder Agüero, and they have four children.


About Daily Dose Learning Systems
Daily Dose Learning Systems is the leading provider of English and safety training programs developed specifically for the workplace.   We offer an effective coaching system to help employees learn English and safety, develop job skills, and improve job performance.   Through a human interaction we call "Huddles," employees acquire confidence, develop teamwork, and help improve customer satisfaction. Our website is