Wendy's Manager Boosts Confidence Through Language Training.
By James Arrington

Wendy's Manager Brian Yoli is seeing great progress as his team uses the Daily Dose English Program. Yoli reports that his employees "have a lot of passion for the program," and are successfully developing English and job skills as they participate in Language Huddles.

"Communication with the manager...[and] a little more confidence in dealing with customers" are the primary benefits he has seen while training four participants in the Customer Service Learning Suite.

Yoli has excelled as a facilitator of the Daily Dose English Program taking time to ensure that Language Huddles are done frequently and properly. Using his own creativity Yoli adapted his 10-minute lessons to the needs of the participants of his huddles.

Yoli specifically cited Ana Rivera saying, “[she] is probably the one with more confidence than anybody,” saying her confidence has increased to where, “she is wanting to do register now.”

Sensing an opportunity in Rivera’s eagerness to learn, Yoli has begun training her to properly work the cash register. For now, Rivera works the register “off peak” so Yoli’s team retains high productivity. During the slower times, however, Rivera gets all the practice she can handle. Rivera still has many questions about working the cash register as she hones her English skills, but her willingness to develop those skills is making her more valuable to Yoli’s team.

Yoli credits the frequent language huddles he is holding in his stores to the boosted confidence that he is seeing in his employees. Now a seasoned facilitator, Yoli admits that when he began the Daily Dose English Program he was a little worried about how he was going to pull off a successful huddle, “But now, it comes easy!” he says. Yoli says that he “changed some things here and there. [and made] some alterations and things,” thereby ensuring that his participants were trained in information that was relevant to their working environment.

When asked for advice for other facilitators Yoli cites his habit to pull a lesson out a few days before leading a language huddle and reviewing the words and phrases so that he doesn’t go into the huddle blind. “PLANNING, that’s the number one tip. If you plan it right, it’ll work for you” he says.

Brian Yoli is a Manager for Wendy’s in Bethpage, New York.