Wendy's Store Holds First Graduation For Language Training
By James Arrington

BETHPAGE, NY, Jan. 2006 - A Wendy’s restaurant in Bethpage, New York held its first successful graduation for the Daily Dose English Program advancing four employees through the Customer Service Learning Suite. Restaurant Manager and Facilitator Brian Yoli saw great results as he led Language HuddlesSM regularly for 3 months helping four Wendy’s employees learn the basics of customer service. Now Jessica Maquias, Ana Rivera, Orlando Machuga, and Rula Dimitratos have all officially graduated from their first learning suite, walking away with Certificates of Completion, gift certificates to Target, and big smiles on their faces.

“Communication with the manager” Yoli says, is the primary benefit he has seen from the program. Additionally, he says each of the employees have displayed “more confidence in dealing with customers,” saying, “I expect that to enhance as we go further through the program."

Speaking of the graduates, Yoli says, “They have a lot of passion for the program. That’s the best thing.”

As a facilitator Yoli recognizes that holding effective huddles takes a little bit of creativity saying, “The first couple of posters I was a little worried about, but now it comes easy. I haven’t had any difficulties with it or anything. I actually have surprised myself sometimes.”

Now that the first suite has been completed Yoli enthusiastically says, “We’re on to Food Safety now. We just completed Temperature Danger Zones and now we’re at Taking Food Temperatures.”

Congratulations to the Wendy’s store in Bethpage from our team here at Daily Dose Learning Systems.