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Daily Dose English Program - LDS Edition

Daily Dose Learning Systems supports faith-based organizations that serve their communities by teaching English to immigrants and refugees. 

For example, since 2004, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been using the LDS Edition of our Life Skills program to reach out to those needing to learn English and develop basic Life Skills.

The Daily Dose English Program is approved by Church Correlation for world-wide use and the Starter Kit (see below) is available through Distribution Services.

About the LDS Edition

What is the Daily Dose English Program?

Daily Dose is a warm and sensitive way of helping people feel comfortable learning conversational English. It is based on love, personal attention, and human interaction.

Unlike traditional ESL / ELL programs, Daily Dose has no grammar books, homework assignments, or boring lectures. Participants learn in small interactive groups called "Huddles," where they receive a healthy dose of love, support, and encouragement.

What are Language Huddles?

A Huddle is a small group of people (6-10) standing in a circle, interacting, having fun, and learning together with the help of a Facilitator.

Huddle groups meet 2-3 times a week, for 20-30 minutes at a time, to practice common words and phrases they encounter in everyday life. The most dynamic Huddles are made up of half members and half nonmembers (friends of other faiths).

What is the Role of the Facilitator?

At the heart of the program is a key individual known as a "Facilitator." This is a warm and caring individual who dedicates 2 to 3 hours a week facilitating Huddles and developing close relationships with his or her learners. Facilitators are typically native-English speakers who are set apart as Ward Missionaries by their own bishop.

How is the Program Organized?

The Daily Dose English Program is organized into four 12-week sessions (Levels 1-4) for a total of 48 weeks.  Since the program is designed to improve pronunciation and conversation, all students typically begin at Level 1.

How are Church Service Missionaries (CSM) called to teach Daily Dose?

While most Daily Dose Facilitators serve at the local level under the direction of their bishop or stake president, on May 9, 2011 the Church released a Workforce Role Description for Daily Dose Church Service Missionaries.  The purpose of a "Daily Dose CSM" is as follows: "Under the direction of the mission president of a regular Church mission, Daily Dose Church Service missionaries will teach English to non-English speakers not of our faith."  To see the official Workforce Role Description on click HERE.

My Testimony of the Daily Dose English Program

By Elder Jorge S. Campozano - Utah Provo Mission

"...Brothers and Sisters, this simple but very effective program has been developed under inspiration to become a wonderful gathering tool for Zion. We have seen its success in Utah and desire to share it with the entire Church and its missionary efforts throughout this country and throughout the world..."

Read the complete testimony here.

Read the most recent article on Church News (19 August 2016):

Church’s Daily Dose ESL Program Changing Lives (Houston, Texas)

How to Order Materials:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints received authorization in 2004 from Daily Dose Learning Systems to use this program worldwide.

Before ordering materials from this website, we suggest that you first obtain approval from your local Priesthood Leader (Bishop, Stake President, Mission President, or District President).

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Daily Dose English Program - LDS Edition


The STARTER KIT is a great way to preview and evaluate the program. It contains materials in PDF form ready for printing (at your own cost).

The STARTER KIT includes:  1) a USER GUIDE,  2) a Facilitator Training DVD, and  3) a CD-ROM containing program materials in electronic form, ready for printing.  

Instructions on how to use this program are provided inside the CD ROM in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

To read the User Guide now and learn about the program, click HERE.

The Daily Dose Starter Kit is available here: 

LDS Distribution Services (item # 09237 000)

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Daily Dose English Program - LDS Edition

FULL TRAINING KIT  (materials for one location)

Once you are ready to begin the Daily Dose English Program, the Full Training Kit will provide you with all the printed materials you will need to launch a complete program in your ward or stake. This Kit has sufficient materials for one location (typically a ward or branch in the stake).

The Full Training Kit includes all four levels (Levels 1-4), which are equivalent to 48 weeks of English learning.

The Full Training Kit contains:

++ Other languages may also be available. Please indicate your preferred language in the Checkout page under "Comments/More Information."

FULL TRAINING  KIT (with Starter Kit)             $119
FULL TRAINING  KIT (without Starter Kit)       $109 
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Daily Dose English Program - LDS Edition

MISSION PRESIDENT'S KIT  (materials for 10+ locations)

Under the direction of the mission president, full-time missionaries and/or missionary couples (see CSM Role Description) are sometimes assigned to teach the first 12 lessons of the program (Level 1). These lessons are taught either in Church buildings or in the homes of non-members and less-active members.

The Mission President's Kit includes sufficient materials to teach Level 1 of the program in 10+ locations. This means that 10 sets of missionaries or missionary couples can be teaching Daily Dose as instructed by the mission president.

Additional instructions for mission presidents can be requested by sending an email to:

The Mission President's Kit contains:

  • 1 Full Training Kit - see above.
  • 2 Starter Kits - DVD, CD, and User Guide.
  • 120 additional Large Posters (10 sets) - Level 1
  • 120 additional Mini-posters (10 sets) - Level 1
  • 100 Certificates of Completion (in color, 8 1/2" X 11")
  • 500 Pass-along Cards (in Spanish) ++
  • 100 Promotional Flyers (in Spanish) ++
  • 10 additional User Guides
  • 10 Huddle Planners (Scheduling Tool)
  • 1 Storage Box

++ Other languages may also be available. Please indicate your preferred language in the Checkout page under "Comments/More Information."

MISSION PRESIDENT'S KIT              $399
Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery.

Daily Dose English Program - LDS Edition

A LA CARTE ITEMS - Order Materials Separately Here

For your convenience, individual items from the Full Training Kit can be ordered separately, as described below.

Poster Pack:  Includes 12 Large Posters (11"x17") and 12 Mini-posters (8.5"x11") - sold as a pack for each level (Levels 1-4).

Promotional Materials: Includes 100 Pass-along Cards and 20 Promotional Flyers (in Spanish) - perfect for announcing the program in your local area. Other languages are also available.  Please indicate your preferred language in the Checkout page under "Comments/More Information."

Certificates of Completion50 Graduation Certificates, printed in color - Should be given to each learner at the end of each 12-week session. These can be filled out by hand or printed on your desktop printer.

User Guides - 5-pack:   Extra User Guides for your Facilitators and Coordinators.  Printed in color. Essential for your Facilitator Training Sessions.

Huddle Planners - 10-pack:  A visual reminder of scheduled Huddles for the first 3 weeks of the program.  Perfect for your ward bulletin board.

Poster Protectors - 6-pack:  Protect your posters with 11" by 17" durable vinyl poster protectors.  You can easily protect 12 posters with this 6-pack when you place them back-to-back.

Poster Pack - Level 1                $18 each
Poster Pack - Level 2                $18 each
Poster Pack - Level 3                $18 each
Poster Pack - Level 4                $18 each
Promotional Materials              $20 each
Certificates of Completion      $15 each
User Guides - 5-pack                $15 each
Huddle Planners - 10-pack        $5 each
Poster Protectors - 6 pack        $18 each

Please allow 3-5 business days for delivery.



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