What is a Huddle?

A HUDDLE is a small group of people standing in a circle, interacting and learning together with the help of a Facilitator (a supervisor or team leader). 

Huddles meet on a daily basis for only 10 minutes, typically at the beginning of a shift. If time is tight, even a 3-5 minute Huddle done with enthusiasm, is enough to produce learning and increase motivation.

The entire 10 minutes should be spent practicing conversational English and interacting with others in the Huddle. No Spanish or other language should be spoken during the Huddle, allowing you to mix people of all languages and nationalities in the same huddle.

What is the size of a Huddle:

The ideal size of a Huddle is from 6 to 10 participants, but it can be conducted with just one person if that's all that is available on a given shift or job location.

Participants should be able to gather in a circle around the poster with the Facilitator standing next to the poster and demonstrating the words and actions described in the lesson. 

What is the Role of a Facilitator:

The Facilitator is the key to the success of this program. He or she is the role model, the coach, and the leader of the group.

What they do, participants will do. Whatever enthusiasm they bring to the Huddle, participants will match it.

Supervisors and Team Leaders are typically the ones selected to be trained and certified as Daily Dose Facilitators.